Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Self Talk, Soul Talk: Chapter 5

Reference: Rothschild, J. Self Talk, Soul Talk: What to say When You Talk to Yourself, Chapter 5, "Tune In: Awake My Soul".

This chapter talks a lot about distractions and complacency. Now, there's a pair of plagues! Quotes that hit me between the eyes include:
  • "We become sleepy and apathetic toward some of our poor choices and negative attitudes" (p. 65).
  • "We grow so accustomed to the distractions around us that we barely notice their influence" (p. 75).
  • "Keeping something clean is easier when you tend to it daily" (p. 64).

One danger that stalks me daily is the willingness to grab hold of the "good" before I can see God's "best". We face many opportunities to invest our time and energy in good things. But is it God's will for me to say yes to every good thing? Hardly.

Even Jesus Christ prayed to the Father, "I have brought You glory by completing the work You gave me to do" (John 17:4). He didn't say by completing everything that would ever need doing. If the Son of God had a finite mission on earth, what makes me think I can do everything without disastrous results? Yet, that is my default tendency.

Jennifer's right about that daily maintenance plan. When I assess my priorities and listen for God's leading, life flows - even when difficulties come my way. When I go too fast to think about what I am doing, things get skewed quickly. I find myself in a maze of unconscious choices, unclear of how I got where I am or which way is out.

The Good News is that God's "reset" button is always close at hand. I need that button every day, many times a day. Do you?

May you feel His grace today,
Gail W.

The last Word:
Everything is permissible - but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible - but not everything is constructive.
1 Corinthians 10:23, NIV.


Denise said...

Amen sweetie, I need that reset button quite often.

Sue said...

I have those tendencies to get too busy, too. I am thankful to feel his grace, daily, though. Even if I have been "too busy" to be in the Word, I pray throughout the day, and on my pillow, I thank God for his love for me.

I am glad I made it here to your post.

Anonymous said...

I love what you said about grabbing hold of what is good before seeing what is God's best.
I so struggle with that too. I know that He has the best at heart for me. I know that often I settle for far less than that best, even if it is good.
I also know that I DO good way to often, rather than being available for the BEST that He wanted me to do.
It is so hard to wait and ask Him what it is I should be doing. Because when I don't hear an answer right away, I tend to want to just go ahead and make a snap decision and do it my way.
Thanks for your thoughts!
God bless,

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Gail,
I love the way you share this book with us, as well as your insights about it. Indeed, complacency in God's children is one tool the enemy uses to his best advantage... and we have been admonished to be on our guard. The "reset" button analogy is such a comfort to me, Gail. That's God's way of re-creating us. Your post is a very timely reminder.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

COMPLETELY tracking with you on this one as of late. There's a lot of "good" going on in my life...things I could be doing and in most cases, need to be doing to keep the good at an easy flow. But the best is what I must attend to in order keep the good doable and in check.

I just can't do it all right now. Blogging, getting ready for Bible study, writing my manuscript, preparing to speak in a couple of weeks, being a mom, wife, cook, and the like. It's getting to me. All good things but sometimes with neglect of the best. Thus, my need to pull away for a few days of rest.

Thanks, Gail, for your continuing support of my on-line life and ministy. I treasure your input. You are a fabulous penner of God's truth and encouragement.


Carol said...

Oh I'm so thankful for God's reset button. I to have a hard time waiting for the best. I rush ahead, and then realize afterwards that it was more my will, that He has something better.

Thank you for that reminder today.